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Follow us on Twitter! CLICK HERE NOW!

It is embarassing! We've been using our Twitter account for more than one year, got over 10k of followers and... here we are! banned without possibility to bring our account back from the abyss of suspension. So sad... Here is the new account though - follow us! Why? I have no idea... just because it's sooo cool to be a part of Twitter (or is it??)


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To encourage our users to get more involved in the Pornizer community's life we have decided to give away Free One Year Premium Rapidshare Account.

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Hi guys and girls! I am glad to introduce you your new homepage.
It is your profile's administration panel mixed with the old index page of Pornizer.
You can see a lot of new things here. For many of you this will be completely new, some of you are familiar with the Administration Panel and how it works. Let me show you all what you've got and how to use it... I insist on reading the whole article!

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Yahooo! guys - we've got our very own chat!
So long awaited chat feature is available at last!

Comments (1) (2) August 09, 2009 @ 02:51 Read more →

Hails folks! I am glad to announce that so long awaited user galleries have been launched!
Share photos with your friends! Add as many galleries as you want!
Read this short guide and start using your photo gallery today!

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Hails guys! We were asked many times to add this feature so here we are!
Now when you visit any post right under post's description and next to the "Rate this video!" there is "Add to Watchlist" button. Click it to add a post to your watchlist and get back to it later.

Comments (1) (4) March 31, 2009 @ 23:02 Read more →

Image Hallo leute! Hails Folks!

Good news to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and all those who speak German (or should I say "Deutsch"? =) We are glad to introduce you German version of Pornizer! We all should say big thanks to Domi78 for all his efforts and amazing job!

Vielen Dank Domi!!!! Pornizer Über Alles in der Welt!

Comments (7) (5) March 25, 2009 @ 21:00 Read more →

Hails folks! I am pleased to announce that so long awaited new version of our site is at last launched! As you can see it's called Pornizer now so it will remain the same as a main brand name of this site. In a while this site's URL will be also changed from www.pornrapidshare.com to www.pornizer.com which is way better, shorter, easy to remember and does not contain any copyrighted trademarks. =)

I'd like to walk through some of the site's new features to explain what exactly is new and how to use it.

Comments (14) (8) March 16, 2009 @ 19:22 Read more →

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